Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

My Fav Video(s), Currently ;)

Bonamana - Super Junior :)

Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha

Alejandro - Lady Gaga

Heyhooooow :D

HI! Are u waiting for my post? Hahaha I'm here. Long time no post.... yes long time, because I had some tests.
I'm (still) confusing what I want to post. Maybe about Holiday.
Actually, I wont go holiday to my hometown, Solo, because I had so many tests for new high school students selection. Yuhuuu~ I will be High School student.
Pray for me all, I failed twice, please pray for me... Because your pray will be used!

My mom and I have a plan on this vacation, go to Bandung. Emm, not so far from Bogor, still on the same province. Yeay! hope I will go there next week...

Yo yo yo see ya on ma next post(s) :)

Minggu, 06 Juni 2010


Hello all. This is sunday, uugh what a bored!
Mmmm.... dont know what to do this day. Alone at home. I need wonderful holidays example go to another state or province... Swear, I want it. But my Dad doesnt allow because I havent got high school yet uuuh I regret it...
So, it doesnt matter. Its not the end of the world. But I'll study hard.
Ohya, This month I 'll have 2 test for high school. So, wish me luck. And for you guys who having exams this week... Good luck. Study hard. Dont be fail.



Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010


Hello guys!

Hehehe how r u all? I 'm fine here.
Btw, I have new.... idol yuhuuuuu.

That is donghae! I 'm inlove with this guy >.<

So what do u think? Sweet right? Gahhhh!!! I love this photo so much. His smile makes my heart melt at the same time *.*
Well, donghae was born on 15th of Ocotober '86. He is one of the member in Super Junior. His full name is Lee DongHae hahaha. I cant stop adoring him :D