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Good Quotes.

First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity. -George Bernard Shaw

Friendship is Love without his wings! -Lord Byron

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. -Mother Teresa

Comedy has to be based on truth. You take the truth and you put a little curlicue at the end. -Sid Caesar

Everything human is pathetic. The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven. -Mark Twain

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. -Anais Nin

Everything has been figured out, except how to live. -Jean-Paul Sartre

God writes a lot of comedy... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny. -Garrison Keillor

A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely. -Pam Brown

Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends. -Shirley MacLaine

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. -C. S. Lewis

All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired. -Martin Luther

Random. No idea. Dont know what to post

My Rabbit
Huhuhuhu semoga diterima di sisi Allah S.W.T amin:)
Take care baby, I love you, wait me in heaven :")

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

My beloved rabbit :DD

This is my pet. I and my family call its Cupil *if it's kind*, sometimes *if it's bad* bonyet, upil, and etc.
I bought it when I was in Pasar Bogor. I thought my Mom was just window shopping. But what? She bought me yay! I was glad. Very glad.
I chose Cupil because of its feather color. What the.... so unique. I've never seen it before, lol. My Mom chose the 'anggora' one. But if it's getting bigger, its eyes will be rather invisible. So, I chose Cupil, the giant one.

See! Cupil's sleeping

Eating is its hobby. Just like me :D

And MOS is over.......

All done. And I'll back study normally as usual. But I get everything new......... schoolmates, classmates, chairmate, seniors, teachers. YAY! I must be MORE friendly than before then I must be dilligent and clever to get the Science class. But I think, I'll be in Science class just because I dislike Social Science *just guessing* But I dont know because only God who knows. LOL but its true. surely true.

If you're gonna reach your success, you must study hard too. You must try to be ambitious to get it but must be positive ambitious too.

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Everything about Yesung!!! from

Kim Jong-woon (born August 24, 1984), better known by his stage name Yesung, is a Korean pop singer and occasional actor. He is one of the four lead vocalists of the super boy band Super Junior. He was once a radio host for his own radio program, M.I.R.A.C.L.E for You, which ended its broadcast in September 2007. His stage name Yesung (Hanja: 藝聲) is translated to "art-like voice" and is derived from the phrase "예술가의 성대", meaning "vocal chords of an artist."

Origin: South Korea
Religion: Catholic
Genre(s): K-pop, bubblegum pop,dance,
Occupation(s):singer, dancer, DJ
Years active2005–present
Label(s):SM Entertainment
Associated acts: SMTown, Super Junior, Super Junior K.R.Y

Yesung was born in Cheonan, South Chungcheong, has a younger brother, Kim Jong-jin. At a young age, he has expressed interest in singing. In 1999, Yesung joined a broadcasted singing competition and won gold at the Chun-an Singing Competition. In 2001, Yesung's mother signed him up to audition for SM Entertainment's Starlight Casting System, a casting audition that selects artists to sign under the label. He impressed the judges with his "artistic voice", and signed under SM Entertainment that same year. In late 2004, Yesung was recruited into the large all-male rotational boy band Super Junior.

On November 6, 2005, Yesung officially debuted on SBS's music program Popular Songs as a member of Super Junior 05, the first generation of Super Junior. The group performed their first single "TWINS (Knock Out)" with an audience of about 500 fans. A full studio album was released a month later, which debuted at #3 on the monthly MIAK K-pop album charts.

In March 2006, SM Entertainment began to recruit new members for the next Super Junior generation. However, plans changed when the company added in a thirteenth member, Kyuhyun, and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations. The group dropped the suffix "05" and became officially credited as Super Junior. The re-polished group hit big after they released their first CD single "U" the following summer, which became Super Junior's most successful single in the music charts until the release of "Sorry, Sorry" in March 2009.

During his career with Super Junior, Yesung was put into two subgroups, smaller groups that are branched off of the larger Super Junior group. In November 2006, Yesung was placed in Super Junior's first subgroup, Super Junior-K.R.Y, a group specializing in singing mournful, R&B ballads. Almost two years later, Yesung became a member of Super Junior-Happy. On May 10, 2008, Yesung was sent to the hospital after he collapsed from running 70 kilometers for a charity marathon. On August 8, Yesung was sent to the hospital again after falling from a 1.5m stage while rehearsing a performance for the KBS music program, Music Bank. The injury severed his old injuries from the neck and waist and Yesung was not treated out of the hospital until two days later.

Yesung alone contributed in the drama OST, Tazza, a highly rated drama which started on September 16, 2008. He sang 사랑참아프다 (Love Really Hurts). This ballad song has been consistently used during the drama itself. He has performed the song live several times, including in the 3rd Anniversary Party of Super Junior.

On 2010, Yesung contributed in the drama OST "Cinderella's Sister", starring Moon Geun Yeung and Chun Jung Myun and started on March 31, 2010. He sang "너 아니면 안돼"(It Has To Be You). This song is a ballad that tells the story about a man who refuse to look for another girl, except for the one he love. Recently, during the epilogue of Super Junior's 2nd Asia Tour Concert, Super Show 2 Manila, he sang this song live on stage and asked his fans to support his new song. In June 04, 2010, Yesung performed solo for the first time on Music Bank (TV series) with his song, It Has To Be You, a highly rated song on the music chart on Music Bank.

In November 06, 2009, he replaced Jonghyun of Shinee in their Ring Ding Dong performance due to Jonghyun coming down with the swine flu.

From September 2006 to September 2007, Yesung was a host for his own radio program, M.I.R.A.C.L.E for You, where members of Super Junior often appear as guests. However, before the radio show's first anniversary, Yesung had to end the program so he could concentrate on Super Junior's second album, Don't Don. The last air date for the radio show was September 8, 2007.

Yesung's acting career began in the summer of 2007 with the release of Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, a high school comedy starring the whole of Super Junior. Yesung stars as the school's rock star who gets attacked by a mysterious force, which shoots him toward national stardom. In 2009, Yesung was casted to play Jung Myung-soo in the musical South Korean Mountain Fortress, which will show from October 9 to November 4, 2009. He is currently performing in the musical Hong Gil Dong, alongside group mate Sungmin


Check it Out! No Other - Super Junior (MV)

[Siwon] Neo gateun saram tto eopseo juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol eodiseo channi
Neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun ma eum neo gatchi joheun seonmul
[Yesung] Neomu dahaeng iya aesseo neorel jikyeojul geu sarami baro naraseo eodiseo channi
Na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi unneun geureon choegoro haengbokhan nom

[Ryeowook] Neoui ttatteuthan geu soni chagapge, chagapge shikeo isseul ttae
Neoui ganghaetdeon geu maeumi nal karopge sangcheo badasseul ttae
[Donghae] Naega jaba julge anajulge salmyeoshi, geugeoseuro jakeun iroman dwendamyeon johgesseo
Eonjena deo maneun geol haejugo shipeun nae mam neon da mollado dwae

[Kyuhyun] Gaseumi sorichyeo marhae jayuro-un nae yeonghon
Eonjena cheo-eumui imaeum euro neoreul saranghae georeo watdeon shiganboda nameun nari deo manha

[Heechul] Neo gateun saram tto eopseo juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol eodiseo channi
Neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun ma eum neo gatchi joheun seonmul
[Eunhyuk] Neomu dahaeng iya aesseo neorel jikyeojul geu sarami baro naraseo eodiseo channi
Na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi unneun geureon choegoro haengbokhan nom

[Yesung] Naui ganan haetdeon maeumi nunbushige jeomjeom byeonhaegal ttae
Jakeun yokshimdeuri deoneun neomchiji anhge nae mamui geureut keojyeogalttae
[Sungmin] Argo isseo geu modeun iyuneun bunmyeonghi nega isseo ju-eotdaneun geot geu, geot ttak hana ppun
Eonjena gamsahae naega mankeum geuri jalhal su iggenni yeah

[Leeteuk] Gaseumi sorichyeo marhae jayuro-un nae yeonghon
Eonjena cheo-eumui imaeum euro neoreul saranghae georeo watdeon shiganboda nameun nari deo manha

[Ryeowook] Neo gateun saram tto eopseo juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol eodiseo channi
Neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun ma eum neo gatchi joheun seonmul
[Heechul] Neomu dahaeng iya aesseo neorel jikyeojul geu sarami baro naraseo eodiseo channi
Na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi unneun geureon choegoro haengbokhan nom

[Eunhyuk] Itjanha jogeum aju jogeum na sujupjiman neon molla sokeun taeyangboda tteugeoweo nae mam jom arajweo
TV show-e na oneun girl deureun mudae-eseo bichi nandedo neon eonjena nunbushyeo ([Shindong] naega michyeo michyeo baby)
Saranghandan neoui mare sesangeuk da gajin nan You & I, You're so fine neo gateun saram isseulkka
[Shindong] Saranghae oh, negeneun ojik neoppun iran geol babo gateun na-egeneun jeonburaneungeol arajweo

[Kyuhyun] Gateun gireul georeo wasseo urin seoro dalpagago itjanha nolla-ul ppuniya goma-ul ppuniya saranghal ppuniya

[Sungmin] Neo gateun saram tto eopseo juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol eodiseo channi
Neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun ma eum neo gatchi joheun seonmul
[Siwon] Neomu dahaeng iya aesseo neorel jikyeojul geu sarami baro naraseo eodiseo channi
Na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi unneun geureon choegoro haengbokhan nom
[Ryeowook] Neo gateun saram tto eobseo

More lyrics:

Yes Yes Yes!

Yuhuuuu! I was accepted in SMA Negeri 6 Bogor, I was so happy (of course) but there was some of my friends who werent accepeted. Be patient baby, maybe you didnt get the luck this time, but you'll get it next time (i dont know when).
So, I'm senior high scchool student now :D
This week is full of MOS, everywhere, everyschool...
You know what is the MOS? MOS is periods of adaptation in the new school environment. So, you can make a friend with other new students or you can know your new seniors and your new teachers.
ByTheWay, I miss my junior high school so badly :( I wanna meet them :(
Hihihi but I must get a lot of friends now in my new school. I'll try, try to be.....more friendly, more cheerful, more lively.

Ok. See you in the next post ;)

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Hmm, I want that camera(s). Yes, coz my hobby is taking some pictures. I do love photograph. Thats why my friends said that I was crazy for taking a photos

Wish You Were Here~ This pict is for someone. I MISS YOU OOOH SO TRUE LALALA~

I'm addicted to OREO. Yeah! Made from chocolate and there is a cream between it. Woohoo, I like it when do twist-lick-dunk with a glass of cold milk and share it with friends.

When I stared at you, My heartbeat was being like that. Dag-dig-dug! So fast!

My world is colorful just like that pict. My world is full of hapiness, sadness, madness, goodness, and many more~~~ Thats why I always happy being on this world

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Piece of story from my classmates. Amiccu SALAPAN I (IX-I) :*

Left to the Right: Imam, Arya, Anton, Adit, Diky, Aprian, Lecksy, Diar

By Diana:
banyak kenangan dikelas ini . dgn perubahan sikap gue yg rada maskulin ke centil total.gua seneng bisa bareng kalian adit anton aria aprian bayu defi devira dewi diar diky ditha fifi ghina hardi lidya lulu leni maul osa farhan imam ipin alfi lecksy joshua soefi priyandi dodo solhat yasmira rika ade nova vina viona reza raksa wisnu :) ga lupa kami juga bangga mempunyai wali kelas Pak Ramadhan di kelas 7i dan Ibu Agnes dan Pak Asep d 9i . banyaak ulah yg gua perbuat d kelas ONCOM ini haha mulai dikeluarin Bu Tatin dimarahin Pa Asep disita hp sm Bu Yani tp semuanya itu emg proses buat dapetin hasil yg seperti skrng . gakerasa tgl 24 adlh akhir perpisahan kami untuk dpt tertawa bercanda menyanyi dan bernarsis ria bersama . hem sedih bgt deeeh buat pisah soalnya pasti gakan ada ketua kelas seBAWEL Diar Ramdhan gada lg LecksyJoshua makhluk aneh yg keseringan bikin kesel sekelas gada lg emak yg baik hati kaya Ditha Febrianti gada lg temen narsis dan bawel kaya Dewi Utari Devira Vrizal Lulu Izdihar heu :'( SALAPAN I

Left to the Right: Nova, Rahadiani, Devira

By Devira:
3 tahun yang lalu saat gue berdiri didepan gerbang sekolah SMPN 3 Bogor, gue ngerasa bangga and I think this school like my elementary school but LAPANGANNYA KO BESAR DAN BANYAK YA?

gue nyari nama gue dari kelas 7A sampe 7I sangat sangat melelahkan HAHA. Gue absen 7 my favorite number dan kelasnya diatas sekarang mah kelas 7B ya? kelas terbuka gitu. Gue duduk ama Ghina Salimah yang pendiem abis. Hari pertama gue kaget liat si Diana Pratiwi sama Vina Noviyanti yang ngibrid riweuh nyari tempat duduk haha. Selama menjalani MOS seru banget deh. Terus pejabat-pejabat kelas pun dipilih

Ketua Kelas : Diar Ramdhan P. (ga pernah diganti sampe kelas 9)
Wakil Ketua : M. Alfi Ch. terus diganti oleh Joshua Situmorang
Sekretaris : Devira Vrizal dan Leksy Tri S dan leksy pun diganti oleh Soefi N. A. ganti mulu jadi Diana P.
Bendahara : Dewi Utari dan Nova Restu S. kls 9 ganti jadi Lulu Izdihar S dan Priyandi Prawiro W.

Wali Kelas kita kelas 7 : PAK RAMADAN (yang selalu memberikan ceramah dan nasehat kadang kocak dan seru)
Wali Kelas kita kelas 9 : Bu Agnes dan Pa Asep

Left to the Right: Priyandi, Diana, Devira

Kelas kita juga aktif di Eskul, ada di Paskibra PMR Pramuka Basket Futsal dan lainnya

Saat kelas 7 juga kelas kita paling ancur di ceremai, pintu jebol, papan tulis jatoh (sama gue), jam pecah 2x (sama gue), lampu pecah, kaca pecah, ubin retak, cat dinding kelupas mulu

sering kena marah sama Bu Tatin, Bu Yanyan, Pa Asep, Bu Irna itu guru uda ngeCAP kita kelas paling berisik.

gue inget banget, gue disuruh kedepan buat nulis HURUF K BANYAK-BANYAK ama Bu Tatin haha, terus Imam Rasyidi nyontek ke Buku IPS waktu ulangan Bu yanyan. M. Alfi Ch. dilempar penghapus sama Pa Asep. Terus Dewi Utari tidur mimpi MAKAN BAKSO waktu pelajaran Pa Ramadhan. Dan kata-kata PA Indra yang bilang "MAU DIKEMANAKAN BANGSA INDONESIA INI" kalo kita berbuat sedikit salah atau apa. Dan masak Nasi Goreng saat pelajaran Pa Sopyan sampe bikin Diary in English Language, it's very interesting i think.

saya akan berkomentar satu-satu dari absen satu.
1. Aditya Kurnia : orangnya iteeeem dan gue paling afal nomor telpon rumahnya dari kelas 7 soalnya gamapang diingetnya.
2. Anton Pratama : pernah ngirim sms, kirain gue dari si abang gataunya dari si anton ini karena namnya hampir sama. Kelas 7 uda kaya amplop aja sama wisnu dan leksy haha
3. Aprian Setiawan : aprian yang ketawanya bikin sakit kuping hahaha, gendut imut lucu so seksi hahaha banyak deh. perna jadian ama DEWI UTARI huahahahaha. anaknya kocak
4. Aria Pradipta : nih makhluk pinter banget, sering jawab pertanyaan dan selalu bertanya. sekelas ama gue 3 TAHUN geloo
5. Bayu Duta A. : si iteem item, yang mempunyai julukan pangeran CHARLES dari gue hahahaha pangeran darimana coba heheheuuuu
6. Defi Herfina : setiap pelajaran b.sunda, kalo nomor absen dia disebut tangan gue uda keringet dingin soalnya abis dia gue
7. Devira Vrizal : kalian bisa komentar sendiri hahaha karena dia adalah AKU haha
8. Dewi Utari : JUJUR< suaranya bagus banget, gue doain lu masuk Indonesia Idol gue bakal sms lu yang terbanyak HAHAHA. orangnya lucu ngangenin hahacuuuh paling riweuh dan bangkitin suasana hahaha
9. Diana Pratiwi : Sifatnya hampir kembar ama Tari tapi lebnih feminim (padahal kelas 7 cowo abis) pinter baik cerewet dan makhluk satu ini yang PALING BANYAK MENGHABISKAN MEMORI HP SAYA KARENA KENARSISANNYA hahaha
10. Diar Ramdhan P : my best best friend, orangnya agak rumit aneh lebih suka sendiri daripada punya pacar. lebih dewasa padahal tuaan gue hahaha. baik bangeeeet, perngertian hahahaha dan P E L I T nya luar biasa hahaha
11. Diky Eka S : mantanya ditha hahaha, anak guru PKN. waktu kelas 7 dia imuut tapi sekarang amit hahaha. paling edan gila aneh haha
12. Ditha Febrianty R : temen SD gue juga eh sekelas juga akhirnya, paling sabar ngadepin gue ya? thankyou so much haha. waktu kelas 9 kita suka ngabisin waktu di mcd sambil gue sama vina masuk les haha
13. Fifi Marcelina: di kelas pendiem sih jadi ga terlalu banyak cerita. emm, dulu kelas 7 kita satu kelompok waktu makan-makan yaaa hahaha dia kayak maminya di kelompok kita haha inget engga?
14. Ghina Salimah : hahaha awalnya pendiem gataunya setelah bertemu dengan yasmira gila cerewetnya keluar hahaha baik cantik dan gue bikin ledekan dengan nama ONTA hahaha
15. Hardiansyah : lesung pipinya bikin ganteng hahahahahacuuuh, pinter, pinter di musik juga dan perpisahan di bis dia yang ngiringin. engga cape hardi? haha
16. Imam Rasyidi : kalo dikelas dia di bilang playboy abis ngedeketin cewe mulu sih, tapi kalo uda marah serem hahaha. rambut RAMBUTnya doang sekilas mirip lee min hoo hahaha
17. Joshua Situmorang : anak baru dikelas 9 haha genduut terus paling akrab ama leksy (kobisa?) tapi sekarang uda ke Bali deh jadi gabisa ketemu lagi hahaha
18. Leksy tri Satria : autis aneh misterius, gokil gila. suka nyanyi blackberry...strawberry.. blablabla hahaha
19. Leni Ratna S. : kita sama-sama suka harpot yaa? hahaha dia juga sabar kayaknya ngadepin gue hahaha thanks yaaaa
20. Lidya Aprilia : hahaha mantan alfi cinlook juga hahaha. dia MAMI dkelas kita hahaha, sabar juga terkadang ngadepin kita-kita haha makasi mami sayaaaang
21. Lulu Izdihar S. : Sebangku gueeee hahaha, dulu sama-sama suka brodong ya kiteee hahaha. Anaknya kadang suka ngelucu kadang kalo uda pundung suka nyebelin tapi keep ini bisa jadi kenangan tersendiri buat ngadepin lu lu hahahaha
22. Maulina Ari D. A. : kecil pake kerudung suka minjemin tip'x ke gue haha
23. M. Arifin : setiap dia maju kedepan, setiap dia ngomong sedikit kita komentar "AMIIIIN..amin" kalo foto gayanya begitu begitu juga hahaha.
24. M. Alfi Ch. : anak item gaul matanya belo kalo ngeledek SADIS sumpah hahaha, yang dulu pendek sekarang lebih tinggi keren keren hahaha
25. M. Farhan : Mr. Rubik, yang bisa benerin rubik gue waktu itu sama si diky haha thankyou so much
26. Nova Restu S. : mainnya ngajak ribut di sms wae serem gila kecil-kecil teh tapi hebat anak basket. fotonya genik semua lucu hahaha
27. Osa Maliki : huahahaha matanya sipit kecil sekarang gaul mainnya hahaha]
28. Priyandi Prawiro W. : my best best friend juga haha, orangnya gendut gamau kalah kalo ngeledek. kadang cepet pundungan juga tapi asik hahaha
29. Rahadiani Widyaningrum Baharina Putri : makasi namanya gue apal dari kelas 7, si tante tante cereweeet narsis juga hahaha dia yang cukup berbeda mukanya dari kelas 7 ampe kelas 9 liat aja fotonya, skrg mah uda cantik ko hohoho
30. Raksa Widya kalam Insani Nasution : jodoh bukan ama ade namnya panjang dan ada widya widyanya. paliiing kecil dari yang lain, pinter gamau kalah tapi kadang kalo nyebelin nauzubillah hahaha
31. Reza Firman A. : si Chinaaaaa yang selalu duduk sebangku ama aria 3 tahun berturut turut. semoga langgeng ya wkwkw
32. Rika Dewi F. : yang sebangku ama soefi hahaha, terus apa ya? oia waktu di bis duduk dekeet banget ama diky ada apa yaa?
33. Sholihati Eka Putri : Pernah gue buat nangis soalnya gue ledekin dia pacar siapa teh lupa haha sorry yaa.
34. Soefi Nastri A. : paling ling ling ling more more more pinter dikelas kita, paling rajin rajin pokoknya paling pinter dikelas hahaha
35. Vina Nofiyanti : cantik baik suka ngasih duit haaha yang punya trio permai di BaranangSiang hahaha.
36. Viona D. : paling kecil kurus masih polos banget pendiem pula haha
37. Widodo Putra :kecil kurus sotau ngajak ribuuut mulu ama gue hahaha yang di syuting tugas b.ind jadi UJANG dan selalu salah teks wae hahaha
38. Wisnu Adji Pradana : waktu ulang tahun kelas 9 gila jadi moment indah banget kali ya? dibentak pa sopyan gataunya dikasih suprise hahaha
39. Yasmira Ashari Dewi : maaf ashari lagi, uda kebiasaan. satu ini emang sering gue juluki BEBEK hahaha paling adeeeeem banget deket si ghina teh hahaha
40. Yeni Ramahani : nomor terakhir paling aman kalo pelajaran b.sunda hahaha selamat yaa jadi anak absen terakhir hehe.


dan juga terjadi cinloooooook HUAHAHA, kalo ada pihak yang setuju gue ceritakan nanti gue edit lagi siapa aja yang cinlok haha. Dan khusunya gue juga dapet pacar baru dikelas 7 yang endingnya ga banget haha.

emmm itu aja yang bisa gue tulis nanti gue tambahin kooo!

Left to the Right: Devira, ME, Ditha, Lidya, Tari. to the Down: Dodo, Nova, Ade. to the Up: *Unknown Kid*

Hahahaha :"D I've read it. ByDaWay, suddenly I miss that class. Full of cheerful, silly, awesome classmates. Miss you like crazy. I dont know if my classmates of senior high school is being like that. I'll never forget you, friends! XoXo
F.Y.I: If you dont know the language, you can copy then paste into Google Translate