Selasa, 02 November 2010

BUSY BUSY....AZA AZA! (I'm so sorry for being random)

Oh my Goodness....long time no post. I'm very busy (I've told it many times)
How is my blog? The blog must be missing me ho ho

Honestly, cause of Tumblr, I'm lazy to post on this blog. But I'll keep this blog update.
However, do you know what just happened to Indonesia (exactly my country)???
Yes, my country has so many disasters. Earthquacke, Tsunami, Volcano Eruption...
Don't you just be sad if your country has so many disasters?
Maybe, all disasters are attention from God to remeber your lord everytime, everywhere.

I just wanna give my hands to them, but I can't.
As a student, I must study hard for the country. Because, one day, it's our time to change all over the world. If there is disaster, we'll know what's the solution, the solution is from our got it?

Yeah. I just pray all the time for them in Mentawai, Merapi.
hehe :) get well soon my country :)