Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

long time no post, ya?

heyho! kangen banget deh pengen nge-post lagi tapi bingung.
okay, lets start..

at 2010, so many wishes that I have :
-> always happy and fit
-> accepted by my fav senior high school
-> be faith with my boyfriend
-> have some new friends, but i wont forget old friends
-> be success at my school
-> have iPod, new cellphone
-> my father dont be stingy again (i'm sorry)
-> my mother dont be easy to get sick
-> have new bag, new shoes for school!!
-> happy cause have a new life
-> be clever, kind
-> freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so many ya? LOL
hope my wishes will be come true at 2010. amien :DD

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