Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

a a a ahhhh i was nervous

29 jan '10
i was having a test, my test was singing but must from another countries except indonesia -___-
i would have that test with my friends!!! eh but what??? my friends was practicing for 'paskibra' for tomorrow, so only I and my friend, dodo who could have that test! omg, but we haven't practiced yet fufufufufu
then, my friend haven't remembered MAKE IT MINE lyric!!! finally it was our turn, eh my turn. so, I was singing alone :(((((( in front of the class? oh I was getting embrassed.
and I was nervous, I was afraid, but I remembered that lyric by the way uhuuuuuuy! but my voice was not like my teacher's hope. ehm I though, my score was not big. :((((

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