Kamis, 01 April 2010

during national exams...

first day on 29th March

it was Bahasa Indonesia exam and then before the exam, I saw Diar's new hair!!! He was so different, usually, he cut his hair like mr. Bean (huh?), so I laughed so loud at him hahahahahahhahaha then, the exam was like usual, like try-out or mid test.
After the exam, I went to home, cause my Mom said that I must went home immediately.

second day on 30th March

it was English exam, omg!!! I was nervous! and Devira sent me a text, she said that she didnt bring her wallet, but what? my cellphone was turned off, so, I couldnt help her. Then, I went to the canteen and bought some candies for the exam hahahaha. And during the exam, I ate 3 candies! woohooooo! I did my English exam fluently!

third day on 31th March

hem yeah it was Math exam, so so so nervous! but not really. And I didnt use my Calculator, oh great! but it was bit difficult not to use Calculator, maybe cause I was lazy hohoho

last day on 1st April

omg, I cant believe, it was last day!!! yeah Science was the last exam, alhamdulillah I did it fluently! I thought what I wanted to do after the exam! the bell has rung! yeaaaaaaaaahhhh! felt free! Diar, Devira, Yandi, Dinyo and Me went to Yandi's house, wanted paly THE SIMS 3! But what? My parents wanted me go home, so sad :( so I wasnt totally free that day!

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