Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

Busier than usual

How are you guys? I'm fine. But I'm so freakin' bussy-____-
Since I am a high school student, I have no time and no inspiration for posting.
Maybe, I'll not oftenly post again just like when I was junior high school student.
So, you know, some students are tiring of lots of homeworks or assignments, am I right?
Me too. You too *if you're student*.
I hope I was dilligent so I always did my homework. Just hope.
But I'll try to be it. I want to be more dilligent than usual. Yes I should.
And You too. HEHE

Btw, I was selected as a participant in the blog contest at my school. Grrr~~~
Wish me luck for it. The theme is about 'Akhlakul Karimah' *my friend told me*
'Akhlakul Karimah' means a good atittude. Good behavior should be carried out in the Islamic. Example, in our daily live, especially in my country, we should defer to older people and then we must respect to the other religions, we must keep our mouth from words which make our heart hurt. And etc.
Don't forget to respect to your parents too, esp. your Mom.
Your Mom gave birth to you, about 9 months, she pregnant, was fighting, because she didn't want to lose us.
Your Dad, too. With his sweat, he fight for us, paying for his family's life. He wanted us to be success someday. And we must pay back his kindness when we were kid.

OK. Thanks for reading! Do not forget me :P xoxo^^

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