Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

DAMNIT!!! I want these, Dad. Pleaseee:)

Swear to God!!! I'm in love with this. But it's expensive. I asked someone who worked in Sony Ericsson Counter in my city, then he said that the price is about IDR 400.000 *if I'm not mistaken*
Too expensive for a student like me... So... I'll try save my money

OMG!!! I wish i had this. The reason why I love this are... it's amazing and the cheapest macbook in apple store *lol*. Yeah. Now, I'm always begging my Dad to buy me a notebook or that macbook aaa I said to my Dad that notebook was important for many students to do their assignment. *am I right?*. OK, so, LET ME BE MINE, MACBOOK!!! *lmao*

THIS ONE! Eghhhh, it's been a long time i want that thing. S-L-R. You know... that's so e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. *so i like expensive things. wth?!* But the result is good. I want Canon one, or, Nikon. AAA

RAWKKK!!! God, please let them be mine this year, please ;D

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