Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

unlucky wednesday -________-

so I started from moved to Biology's class...
when I and Devira did Bio exercises, I was smelling something between me and devira so I said

Me: "do you smell something? but the smell isnt good"
Devira: "huh? no."
Me: "i think its smell, cat's feces but where!"
Devira: "i dont know, i dont smell something."

and then, after the excercises was done, we patched some posters to the wall-magazine in Bio class. And we needed scissors to made the banner of the wall-magazine, we went to canteen. Devira borrow the scissors and I sat on chair's canteen, I was checking and then...

Me: "OH MY!, there is cat's feces on my skirt, whoaa!! what should I do???"
Bi Irah (the canteen's owner) : "hahaha, clean it with water"
Devira: "hahahahahahah"
Me: "dont laugh at me"

GOD! I was astonished where it came from!!! and I went to the toilet, and cleaned it with water, and yaiksss, it wasnt good smell.

Me: "Bi Irah, do you have a soap or something like that? I need it because still smell"
Bi Irah: "I only have Sunlight (kind of soap for plates, glass, spoon, etc.) , do you want?"
Me: "oh yes, no matter laaaah!"

I confused whether the Sunlight worked or not, went to the toilet again, then, i washed it hardly, and whaat?? my skirt was wet!! ah my... and then Devira helped me to washed it, oh btw thank you Dev! and yipie! it smelled good again! then I went to bi Irah's again...

Me: "Bi, thank you!"
Bi Irah: "youre welcome"

uuuuuuh so unlucky! and now what?? Priyandi, Diar laughed at me and my skirt!!!!! God, i was shy.
finally, a hour later, my skirt was getting dry

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